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Taurus Funds Management (‘Taurus’) is an independent, global fund manager whose clients include institutional and high net worth (wholesale) investors.

Taurus specialises in investment products based on the mined commodities industry. Our team of geologists, mining engineers, mining financiers, metallurgists and portfolio managers provide the skills and experience for successful investing.

Taurus was founded in 2006 and its first private equity fund commenced in July 2007. Taurus’ second private fund closed in June 2012. With Australia being one of the powerhouses of global mineral resources production and marketing, Taurus is appropriately based in Sydney, Australia.

The professionals who comprise the Taurus team have a passion for the resources industry and have a clear vision for our funds management company. Taurus' vision is to be:

“A world leader in the provision of resource related
investment products for the global investment community.”

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